SUMMARY: annoying messages from resolver

From: Sandy Napel (
Date: Wed Dec 05 1990 - 10:46:25 CST

Thanks, Y'all,
  I received over 25 responses to this one: after installing the resolver
my console window starting getting messages like:
    nres_gethostbyname != w.x.y.z.

  This, it turns out, is a known bug, and thanks to many who pointed it out.

     Big ID: 100141-01
     Available from SUN
     Also available from in pub:
       -rw-r--r-- 1 root 39626 Nov 7 06:37 nres_patch_sun3.tar.Z
       -rw-r--r-- 1 root 47160 Nov 7 06:37 nres_patch_sun4.tar.Z
     Each file contains the README file and an architecture-specific
     patch, thanks to:
      Mike Jipping
      Hope College Department of Computer Science (BITNET: JIPPING@HOPE)

One dark note, however, is this report:

>>"... beware that some of us had experiences with ypserv dying for unknown
>>reasons after installing the new version."
>>David St. Pierre 415/823-6800 {att,bellcore,sun,ames,decwrl}!pacbell!david

I just installed the patch (which is a new ypserv) and re-booted. We'll
see what happens....

Thanks again,

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