Summary: Uses for 1Mb Simms

From: Bryan Rawson (
Date: Fri Nov 30 1990 - 11:41:21 CST

Sun Managers,

  Thanks for all of your replies so far. My original query:

> After replacing the standard 1Mb simms in a 4/65 with
>4Mb simms, I've been left with 8Mb of extra memory. Is
>this memory compatible with the 4/110 systems?

  It seems that this memory will do much more good in a 4/110 than
it will where it now sits on my desk. In fact, in light of the error
message displayed on my 4/110 last night about a simm failure, the
spare memory comes in handy. The general consensus is that the 80ns
1Mb simms taken from a 4/65 (or many other systems) is compatible
with the 4/110. However, one person pointed out that I may need an
additional 8Mb of memory, since the published configuration only
supportss 8, 16, 20 and 32 Mb of memory. This would indicate that
the 4/110 has two banks of 16 simms each that would need to be
filled with the same size simms (like the 4/60 & 4/65 with simm
banks of 4). A few others forwarded the memory summary apparently
posted this month on this list which I missed while reconfiguring
my own system.

  Again, thanks to the many systems managers who respond to this

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