Summary: Sun yp, adding Mac A/UX

From: Kristina Fayyad (
Date: Wed Nov 28 1990 - 08:58:12 CST

This is the summary of question/replies to problem of setting up a Mac running
A/UX to run YP as a client in an existing network of Suns running YP.

NOTE: We don't yet have the problem fixed, however, I'm not looking at
setup_client anymore.

Almost everyone said that setup_client is not to be used in this
situation. That is for setting up a workstation that will get its
root and /usr filesystem from the server.

So, it is only necessary to set the domainname on the Mac to the
existing ypdomain name, have the proper network daemons running (e.g.
portmap), and then run ypbind on the Mac.

Thanks to all who responded:



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