SUMMARY: RE: automatic logout

From: William Jaynes (
Date: Tue Nov 20 1990 - 06:37:18 CST

My original request:
> Is there an easy way to set up automatic logouts or exits for inactive
> sessions. Specifically, I'd like any login or su session for root to
> be discontinued after X minutes of inactivity.

The most popular suggestion was the untamo daemon from,
a configurable package which enables a lot of control over login sessions
and overall login time, not just idle time. This is a good package for
controlling limited terminal resources, such as a University public

The other big suggestion is to use tcsh and set autologout=X. This logs out
after X minutes of idle time. This is what I've decided to do for the
time being. Disadvantages include: 1) If I su to root and let the auto
logout happen, my terminal characteristics are alterred, specifically
echo is off; 2) If I su to root and then su to another id where autologout
is not set, then I don't get logged out.
(get tcsh from,, and elsewhere)

"" (Gareth Richards) sent me a
program that one can run from .cshrc that does the auto logout. It too,
however, can't logout if you have su'ed to another id.

A few people suggested that one could set autologout in the csh that
comes with 4.1, but it didn't work for me.

Thanks for all the responses!
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