Summary Omnistor drive

From: fabrice cuq (
Date: Tue Nov 20 1990 - 14:14:41 CST

A while ago I asked if somebody on the net had an Omnistor drive and what
was the installation involved. This drive can write WORM and erasable media.

I got a few call for summary and only one answer. Here it is:

< Installation was trival, alot like a SCSI disk. Set jumpers(I think, been a
few months) to fix target, make kernel to add driver, make /dev/mo* and do
formats and newfs to format the disk. Make sure you get the params from the
manual just right or the disk won't mount.

In (light) use the MO has been trouble free>

That's it.

Thanks to Andrew Purshottam who provided the information.


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