Summary: bootp for the Sun

From: Ian Reddy (
Date: Tue Nov 20 1990 - 20:49:43 CST

Thanks to all who replied.

My original:

> I need to run bootp service from my Sun 4/60 and can find no mention of it
> in TFM. It is not even listed in the /etc/services file. Does anyone know of
> a public domain version of bootp, RFC 1048 compliant, that works well on a
> Sun under SunOS 4.1 and if so from where can I anonymously ftp the software?

>From the following: (Mohamed Ellozy) (Alexander Dupuy)
Steven Blair <>
uunet!sbi!pivot!sliu (Steven C. Liu)
Aydin Edguer <>
Mark Verber <>

came the responses...

anonymous FTP from ( in pub/bootp.2.1.tar


anonymous FTP from in networking/bootp.2.1.tar.Z

Works great!

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