Summary: SS-1 boot problem

From: Mitch Baltuch (
Date: Wed Nov 21 1990 - 08:20:46 CST

Well, once again this list comes through.

Original question:

>We have an SS1 running SunOS4.1 as a standalone. We also have a serial line
>hooked into ttya which carries an ascii data stream at 1800bps,7,1,even.
>The problem is that whenever we go to reboot the machine, we get the boot
>prompt printed over and over, and occasionally the screen will do reverse
>video. When we disconnect the data feed to ttya, all is well.

The problem is simple: we have an old version of the prom. We need Rev. 1.3
and all will be well. It is a documented bug #1030076.

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