Summary: SPARCstation 2 internal 210 MB drive

Date: Wed Nov 21 1990 - 17:25:48 CST

I asked a myriad of questions concerning installing a 200 MB drive
inside of a SPARCstation pizza box. Thanks to this list I learned
the following:

1. According to Sun, it is not a good idea to put a 200 MB drive inside of
   a SPARC 1/1+ chassis. Evidently the SPARCstation 2 upgrade includes a
   chassis swap partially because of this limitation.

2. Sun seems to have switched disk drive vendors from Quantum to Maxtor,
   at least for the 200MB disk drives.

3. The SPARCstation 2 uses that same mounting brackets as the 1/1+

4. Suggested vendors:
        Anadataco (800) 334-9191 Maxtor 207 $925
        Alliance Peripheral System (800) 233-7550 Quantum 105 $499
        For others, check the Sun Observer or Sun Tech Journal

5. One respondent had 4 out of 9 Maxtor LXT-200S drives fail in 6 months
   (presumably in the SPARC 1/1+ enclosure). They have switched to the
   Imprimis/Seagate ST1239NS drive.

6. After sending out the message, I learned from our sale's rep. that
   Sun is selling additional 200MB internal drives as an option at a
   list price of $1500; with our educational discount this is very
   close to the prices offered by 3rd parties.

Thanks to:
 Khaled Lootah ofra!
 Eduardo Krell
 Jim Battan
 Drew Dean
 Joel Rem
 Mike Raffety oconnor!porsche!

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