SUMMARY -- UUCP aliasing

From: ide!
Date: Mon Nov 26 1990 - 11:29:54 CST

The original question:

> We recently upgraded our mail server to 4.1, so our uucp switched
> to HDB. Since then, we have had trouble with a site whose uucp
> name is more than 7 characters. I know that some uucps had (or *still*
> have) a seven character limit for sitenames, so I assume this is the
> trouble with the new uucp.
> So, I want to be able to relate the the bugus-system goldmin to the
> correct-system goldmine.

Most folks responded that HDB does not have a seven character limit, the
problem was most likely in my Systems file, and that there was no way to
do the aliasing in question. However, Joe Pruett (tessi!joey@nosun.West)

  in the Permissions file, put ALIAS=goldmin on the MACHINE=goldmine line

So, I have the line:

LOGNAME=Ugoldmin MACHINE=goldmine ALIAS=goldmin COMMANDS=rmail:uucp REQUEST=yes

in my Permissions file, and the problem has disappeared. Whether this is
a feature in HDB, or a sun oddity, I don't know, but I certainly couldn't
find mention of it in any docs.

Many thanks to those who replied:

  Joe Pruett (tessi!joey@nosun.West)
  Farooq Butt (
  Andy Sherman (
  Mark Cappel (idgeast!


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