Summary - moving disks from Xylogics 451 to 7[0]53

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Date: Mon Nov 26 1990 - 13:41:07 CST

My original question:

> Question: Does the Hitachi (or any other) disk need to be
> reformatted when we move the disk from the existing 450/451
> to the 7053?

The [great!] answers from multiple sources: YES. In addition,
it is most wise to save the defects list for the disk, either
onto another (already) formatted media, or onto tape. In my
case, I had another disk with SunOS installed, formatted for the
7053 controller, so I saved the defects to disk on the 7053
disk (mounted on the system while running from the 451 - both
controllers were in the system for a while.) then re-booted using
the xd (7053) controller, and performed the format.

Thanks to the many respondents for your help.


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