Summary: pscomm blues

Date: Tue Nov 27 1990 - 05:07:36 CST

Thanx all S.M. who replied.
It seems that the modified scripts does not have proper argument
parsing, and thet the servercomm program for hooking up a telnet/pty
session to pscomm need some more modification.
the pscomm program was mentioned to have a build in network socket
support, but that is not the case with Sun Transcript 2.1 binary only.
pscomm wants: -P <printername> -p <filtername> -n <username>
              -h <hostname_from> [-r ] <accountingfile>
-r means never reverse the pages and is optional.
it does ascii2ps conversion and contacts to the lw to sync.
This is what happens in my case in debug mode (not via lpd) :
Servercomm gets a pty pair and hooks up pscomm to those beasts.
pscomm tries to sync 12 times ( Huh ? Why ?)
and then it finally gets what it expects to come from the lw
after this it spews the data to it.
The pty link seems to slow down the synchronisation with the lw.
The normal operation mode trough lpd does not do anything at all,
It never runs pscomm.
I'm not sure what causes this yet, but I'll find out sooner or later :-)
(probably some PATH stuff )
thanx to :
Sherry Nichols <>
Daniel Trinkle <>
Clyde Hoover <>
Tom Lislegaard <>
Marcel Bernards, UNIX & Net sysadm Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN
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