Summary - Pinnacle REO Optical Disks

From: Mahlon Stacy 4-4558 (
Date: Mon Nov 19 1990 - 11:39:27 CST

I received several responses to my requests for information
about Pinnacle Optical drives. None of these responses included
sufficient information to permit me to get my REO-650 drive running
on a SS1 running 4.1, although a couple of folks indicated they had done
this and couldn't recall the details. I have decided to return the
drive to Pinnacle, and look elsewhere for this hardware.

Apparently the problem is exclusively in Pinnacle's drivers. Several
respondents indicated they had Pinnacle drives running with
drivers from other sources.

One person asked what support I had from Pinnacle. I had spent 3 weeks
trying to get support from Pinnacle when I posted the message to
sun-managers. The basic response was that the "programmer was away,
and only he could answer the question." WHen asked if there
were other installations running the configuration I had, I never
received a clear response. The installation notes supplied did not
cover SS1's, which, of course have a different SCSI driver and
kernel build structure. The were several errors in the install script,
but even patching those was insufficient. A good kernel was built,
which included the correct drivers... they just didn't work.

I have since found hardware and software which works in the SS1/4.1

Thanks all for your excellent responses to my question.


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