SUMMARY: Memory expansion for 4/330 and 3/60

From: John Valdes (
Date: Fri Nov 16 1990 - 12:28:33 CST

I had inquired whether it is possible to replace 1M SIMMs on the memory board
in a 4/330 with 4M SIMMs if the CPU board only has 1M SIMMs. The consensus
from sun-managers and the memory vender was that this is possible. Each
board has jumpers which specify the size of the modules on the board. What
cannot be done is mixing 1M and 4M SIMMs on the same board.

I also asked whether the 1M SIMMs to be replaced in the 4/330 will work in a
3/60. Again, the answer was yes, as long as all the modules are the same size.

Many thanks to all who responded:
  Jim Ray,
  Rod Rebello, titan!sunny!rrebello@uunet.UU.NET
  Richard Kurtz,
  Mike Raffety, oconnor!porsche!miker@oddjob.uucp
  Jeff Nieusma,
  Tim Cuckston, tim@camscan.uucp

John Valdes

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