Summary:Booting 4/470 from CD

Date: Wed Nov 14 1990 - 07:51:46 CST

Thanks to all 10 people who replied.
Many suggested making sure the device address on the CD drive was OK.
Some suggested trying to boot plain 4.1 instead of 4.1 PSR-A, which
we did, proving that we were reaching the CD OK.
The suggestion which worked was
>b sd(0,30,3)vmunix -sw
which seems a bit strange as I'd immagined 'vmunix' to be the default
but apparently not.
NB It also pays to do a k2 reset if you've tried a boot which has
   failed. On our system I can quite easily make the above boot
   fail by preceeding it with other boot commands with bad params.
Thanks to chris@se.dimension for the solution.

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