Summary: Installboot Woes

From: John Polstra (polstra!
Date: Fri Nov 09 1990 - 11:11:00 CST

The original question:

> Could some kind soul please refresh my memory about how to make
> installboot work right under 4.0.1? I remember from past postings that
> things have to be done in a certain order, but I forget the details.

The resolution:

First of all, most people don't have problems with installboot. You
have to do things just right in order to make it fail. Daniel Trinkle
came up with the answer that makes the most sense to me:

> If you have relabeled the disk for any reason (reformatted,
> repartitioned, relabeled), you must reboot the system before this
> command will work. The disk label information is read once at boot
> time. Relabeling does not update the necessary information in the
> kernel to enable you to do installboot.

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