(SUMMARY) how do I find the hostname for an enet addr?

From: selig@xanth.msfc.nasa.gov
Date: Fri Nov 09 1990 - 15:04:29 CST

Haven't found the culprit yet, but it looks like the solution path has
been found. As most people indicated, there is another machine(s) on
the net that thinks it has the same IN# as mine (Mine is from an
assigned block. THUS, the other guy is wrong by definition).

Many folks suggested 'arp -a' as informative. Thanks. I did that a bit
and to my surprise after my machine (cyclops) hung, I see in a nearby machine
        cyclops ( at 2:60:8c:4a:3e:d1
Note the enet number of the OTHER guy (but with my IN# and name)!
Before the machine hung, that line had MY enet number.

I talked to the network mgmt group here and they were able to confirm
the enet number I gave them was active on the net and they are trying
to physically track it down (Large NASA center here). Until then, I
may switch IN's to get some work done, but will pursue the offender
for his/her edification. [BTW - consensus from those that knew said
that the 2:60:8c was a 3com board in a PC, probably]

Thanks to:
 Aydin Edguer <edguer@alpha.ces.cwru.edu>
 michael.harris@East.Sun.COM (Michael Harris - NYC SE)
 Jeff Nieusma <nieusma@eclipse.Colorado.EDU>
 acheng@ncsa.uiuc.edu (Albert Cheng)
 mike@inti.lbl.gov (Michael Helm)
 del@mlb.semi.harris.com (Don Lewis)
 jpc@avdms8.msfc.nasa.gov (J. Porter Clark)
 kehoe@scotty.dccs.upenn.edu (Brendan Kehoe)
 rdunbar@tonka.gsfc.nasa.gov (Richard Dunbar)
 Steven Blair <sblair@synoptics.com>
 ron@DRD.Com (Ron Madurski)
 Jim Mattson <jmattson@UCSD.EDU>
 jfy@altair.cis.ksu.edu (Joseph F. Young)
 halstern@Sun.COM (Hal Stern - Consultant)

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