SUMMARY: What causes "RPC: Authentication error"?

From: David W. Minnich (roanoke!
Date: Thu Nov 08 1990 - 16:46:10 CST

Many thanks to all who responded to my query. A good summary of the correct
answer was provided by Don Lewis:

>The classic cause for the problem is if the user in question on MachineB
>is a member of more than 8 groups. The limit for the number of groups
>in the 3.5 implementation of NFS is 8, in 4.x it is 16. When a a 4.x
>host sends an NFS request containing more than 8 groups to a 3.5 machine,
>the 3.5 machine gets confused and the message you see is the result.

Correct answers have so far been provided by: (Don Lewis) (Daniel Trinkle) (Karen M. Fulcher Scholz)
        uunet!vrdxhq!verdix!bit!jayl (Jay Lessert)

Again, thanks.

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