Summary:uucp direct connect

From: pacacc!
Date: Thu Nov 08 1990 - 12:12:14 CST

My original question:

How to set up a uucp direct connect line between two serial ports
so that requests could be made in both directions. The trouble is
that uucp needs a getty to log in, and the gettys on each end were
fighting with each other, constantly trying to log each other in with
login prompts.

The answer:

It isn't really possible. Sun 4.1 has no uugetty. Sun finally got
back to me on my support call and said there was no way. A direct
connect line can only have a one way uucp connection (I do have this

The only work around (I haven't tried) was two suggestions to wrap
something around uucico to start and stop the gettys every time
a request is being made, so that when neither getty is usually running.
One only starts up when a request is being made.

All other UNIX systems have a uugetty, thus do not have this problem.

I thank everyone for their replies.


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