le0 patch (SUMMARY)

From: Joseph F. Young (jfy@altair.cis.ksu.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 06 1990 - 15:33:17 CST

Yes, indeed, the patch is available and I now have it.

This patch can be obtained from Sun (for no charge, from what I am told).

I have also made it available via anonymous ftp on procyon.cis.ksu.edu,
(in pub/sunfixes/le0_patch.tar.Z) for those blessed with Internet TCP/IP

Many thanks for all those who responded:

        andrew@calvin.doc.ca (Andrew Patrick)
        bit!markm (Mark Morrissey)
        Tom Leach <leach@oce.orst.edu>
        Steven Blair <sblair@synoptics.com>

Here's an extract from the README:

This patch contains a slightly modified 4.0.3[c] lance ethernet
driver (if_le.c) and object files for sun3x (hydra), sun4 (stingray),
and sun4c (SPARCstation1) as an effective patch for 4.0.3[c] lance
xmit memory underflow ("transmission stopped").

1. Increase LANCE_MIN_TU from 100 to 102, this effectively
        eliminates UFLO (!)
2. Minimize leintr lance slave register accesses -
        this is also a factor in UFLO.
3. Never print "Transmission stopped" or "memory underflow"
        error messages.

This patch also fixes the panic: le0: RINT: Buffer owned by chip

        Sun-3x, Sun-4, Sun-4c


Bug Report Id:
        1029247, 1019513, 1029316 and 1021518

Joe Young

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