SUMMARY: Color Console Problems - How to *Completely* Reset?

From: Paul Ratazzi (
Date: Wed Nov 07 1990 - 07:18:04 CST

I waited extra long to post this summary because I was hoping
to get some late responses. Unfortunately, these six are all
there is. The problem is still unsolved, so if anyone gets a
sudden flash of insight, *PLEASE* post the answer. There are
a good number of people out there who would like to solve this.

Thanks to:
    Frank <>
    Ron Vasey <>
    Michael J. Saletnik <icarus@End.Tufts.EDU>
    Robert Kuhn <>
    Tom Olin <adiron!tro@uunet.UU.NET>
    Dana Lis Barmore <>

The suggestions were as follows:

    1. Try "clear_colormap"
    2. Restart SunView
    3. Reboot

Only the third suggestion above works, and this seems like an
unsuitable solution to me. More than one person said they had
contacted Sun about the problem but Sun had not come up with any
solutions. I'm stumped. It looks like this is one we're going
to have to learn to live with. :-(

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