Answers to SparcStation 2 pmegs question

From: Sid Stuart (
Date: Wed Nov 07 1990 - 07:35:53 CST

Well these are the numbers on the virtual memory system that I have.
It looks like the SparcStation 2 should make a good xterm server for
15 to 20 people, given my experience with 4/330's.

Computer Page size PMEG Total memory Entries/
                                cache addressable PMEG
                                        using cached PMEG's

SparcStation 1 4k 128 32M 64

SparcStation 2 4K 256 64M 64

4/330 8K 256 64M 32

4/490 8K 1024 256M 32

Thanks to Dean Kemp, Larry Wake and especially to Gordon Irlan for
his article on Sun-4 Virtual Memory Performance. Larry also mentions
that the SparcStation 2 has 16 hardware contexts. I don't have numbers
for the other machines, so I did not put it in the chart.

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