Summary: configuring a modem

From: SILL D E (
Date: Tue Oct 30 1990 - 11:39:32 CST

I wrote:

I followed the instructions for hooking up a modem to a serial line,
including setting a couple eeprom variables, mknod'ing /dev/cua1 & 2,
adding the appropriate entry to /etc/remote, etc.

When I try to run tip, though, it gives:
tip: /dev/cua2: Permission denied
tip: /dev/cua1: Permission denied
all ports busy

Any ideas? I've never set up a modem before.


Tom Leach ( hits the nail on the head in his

Dave, check the ownership of /dev/cua1 and cua2, I believe that tip and
cu and the other modem programs on the Suns are SUID (and maybe SGID)
to UUCP. If /dev/cua* is owned by root, then tip won't be able to access
the devices. Tip needs to change the permissions so that when a device
is in use, other programs can['t] tap into the device and read it.


I guess this counts as documentation bug, then, since the instructions
in the Sun guide I was following made no mention of setting the
ownership of the devices.

Thanks to all who responded.

Dave Sill (
Martin Marietta Energy Systems
Workstation Support

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