statically linked rcp: a summary

Date: Thu Oct 25 1990 - 06:19:56 CDT

I asked:

> Does anybody know why is /usr/ucb/rcp statically linked (4.0.3 sun3 and
> sun4)? /usr/ucb/rsh is dynamically linked and uses the BIND shared
> libraries, but rcp insists on using YP. Is there any reason to avoid
> installing a dynamically linked rcp?

All the replies pointed out that a statically linked rcp can help
me in restoring damaged shared libraries by copying files from another
computer. Nobody mentioned any possible security problem which a dynamically
linked rcp can cause. I decided to keep the original rcp in /sbin and
install a dynamically linked rcp in /usr/ucb. Even without the statically
linked rcp it is always possible to boot from a cassette and recover from

Ariel Coehn

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