SNMP for Suns summary

From: Dan Lorenzini (
Date: Tue Oct 23 1990 - 09:55:23 CDT

My query about the availability of SNMP agents for Sun workstations
elicited several responses. Here is what I have found out so far:

Commercial products:

        Sun includes SNMP agents in the SunNet Manager package ($10k)

        SNMP Research offers something similar to SunNet Manager for
        less cost and with fewer bells and whistles.

PD stuff via FTP:

        ISODE distribution on contains an extensible SNMP
        agent, also lots of OSI stuff.

        CMU has a set of SNMP routines available on

        MIT SNMP package on in
        pub/snmp/snmp.900225.tar.Z. This seems to be for 4.3 BSD

I am now investigating the PD stuff. The MIT stuff seems to be 4.3
specific and does not compile on Suns as is. I am tracking down the
others now. Since my access to ftp is via mail, it might take me a
while to get what I want (if it exists). If someone else finds it
before I do, drop me a line.

Thanks go to Eldon Chan, Richard Kurtz, Steve Miller, Eduardo Krell and
Bruce Hamilton.

Dan Lorenzini
Greenwich Capital Markets

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