Summary: SUNs and IBM RS/6000 (nfs etc.)

From: Loki Jorgenson Rm421 (
Date: Wed Oct 17 1990 - 20:20:32 CDT

        I would like to thank the 20 or so people who commiserated with
my problems working with the IBM. It turned out that the NFS for SUN,
IRIS and IBM are all compatible; I needed to know that sooner rather than

        However, here are a few tips. By digging through various on-line
"apology" files explaining AIX, I discovered that the rpc.nfs daemon is not
included in the rc boot file by default. That may be obvious, but I had
been assured of satisfaction by the IBM reps that connectivity would be
secured by one of their pros. Not suprisingly, they are still learning
their own machines. Strangest was that I could mount the remote systems
and even look in some directories but read/write and some other functions
failed without explanation. Once I started rpc.nfs, everything was OK

        Next, I was advised by numerous people to reduce the write/read
buffer sizes for nfs systems to 1024 or at least 2048. I opted for 1024
because of our slow SUN 3s. (Flame on: note that I couldn't find the
nfsstat facility to watch re-tried read/write statistics change with
the changing buffer size; it was listed in the man pages but not in
the proper directory.... Marvelous).

        Finally, because we have a pretty active group here, we wanted
everyone to have access to the IBM as themselves, with their home directory
on the nfs-mounted disks. However, the SMIT facility (which *was* useful)
defaulted the user group ids to a useless "300" which wasn't defined
(or something equally exasperating) and resulted in user rlogins to be
terminated just after the motd .... with no explanation. Oh well.
And for those who are looking to get into other remote rpc services,
the portmapper isn't started by default.

        The bottom line is that it *should* work with SUNs and if it
doesn't for you, its because you haven't kicked it in the right spot yet.

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