NFS bug, summary

From: Paul Gill (
Date: Mon Oct 15 1990 - 19:29:49 CDT

Re: nfs patch 1026933 for sun 3, 4 and 4c.
I forgot to mention that this was for Sun OS 4.1

I got the right patches from ( as
anonymous in directory sun-patches. thanks to Mike McCann
<>. I succesfully build a Sun 4c kernel from
those and its running fine so far. The sun 3 kernel did not work, it
PANICs on a "Bus Error Reg 80<INVALID>". Too bad I have to go away
for a week... I will be back to this on October 22.

Also thanks to Jay Lessert <jayl@bit.uucp>
and to Tad Guy <>

The patches are also on uunet.UU.NET but the kernel I build from those
did not work, I guess they are for Sun OS 4.0.3.

Paul Gill Analyst, Concordia University, Computer Science,
email: Phone:(514)-848-3035

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