Summary - Table of Contents on Exabyte with 4.1 st driver

From: Steve Romig (
Date: Mon Oct 15 1990 - 12:03:30 CDT

Several folks pointed out that the exetoc program that I was trying to
use was intended for use with an Exabyte on a Delta Microsystems
device driver, rather than the Sun dev. driver.

Several people thought you could do similar things with the Sun device
driver. George Goble at Purdue mentioned that under SunOS 4.0.3 you
could still fool the Sun driver into writing data without an EOF if
you preceeded the rewind with ioctl to skip 1 file mark backward (eg,
write data, bsfm 1, rewind, close). He didn't know whether it would
work under 4.1, and I haven't tried it, so I can't tell you either.
Didn't sound like it was something one could count on in future

I was looking for a generic, reliable, relatively portable way of
rewriting a file at the start of the tape without disturbing the rest
of the tape - admittedly, this is asking for alot. I was hoping to
find a way to do it without relying upon strange quirks of the
existing drivers or buying new drivers. I think my hope was in vain,
so I've given up my search.

Thanks to those who responded...

--- Steve

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