Re: SUMMARY: network backup software [8mmbackup]

From: Ken Manheimer (
Date: Thu Oct 11 1990 - 16:58:04 CDT

Since a few people have written me asking about how to get 8mmbackup
*and* there's a new (email based) access method available, i'm taking
the liberty to post brief instructions for retrieving the package.

You can ftp it as 'pub/8mmbackup.shar.Z' from ''. Be
sure to use ftp's binary mode to get the compressed file.

If you cannot ftp you can request an email copy by mailing to
"". The contents of the message (with no subject
line) should be "send pub/8mmbackup.shar.Z". Also, we're "neighbors"
with uunet, so if you're restricted to uucp paths,
"..!!" (or something like that:-)
should work.

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