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Date: Thu Oct 11 1990 - 07:49:02 CDT

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Hello everyone,

I am running a Sun 3/260, 4.0.3, with 8 megabytes of ram, 280 megabyte hard disk, and a PinacleMicro magneto-optical drive. I just had a system crash and was hoping someone might be able to enlighten me to the cause. The error message that was dumped read:

        panic bus error
        zs3 : silo overflow
        syncing file system

At the time of the error I had two users on the system. One was running only one process (creating some directories on the optical drive). The other user was running SunView with a couple of c-shells and mailtool running. He had just requested mailtool to check for new mail when the system crashed.

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First it was pointed out to me that the zs3 refers to the mouse. The general
feeling is that the system was already in a panic and the mouse overflow was
after the fact. I am currently trying to determine what caused the bus panic.

If and when I find out I will again advise the list.

To those who requested info on the optical drive I will be sending that out

Thanks to all who responded so quickly especially:

From: "Dr Gareth J. Barker" <>
From: halstern@Sun.COM (Hal Stern - Consultant)
From: kevin@Corp.Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
From: John Valdes <>
From: dennett@Kodak.COM (Charlie Dennett)

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