SUMMARY fax/modem for sun

Date: Wed Oct 03 1990 - 09:28:01 CDT

 The original question was regarding setting up fax/modem service on a sun.
 Of the several responses received there appears to be only three vendors
 supplying the needed software/hardware.

 The Bristol Group (software and hardware)
 P.O. BOX 910
 londonderry, New Hampshire 08053

  everex systems,inc (modem only : interfax data modem 24/96)
  48431 Milmont Drive
  Fremont, California 94538
  Sales Phone 800-444-5321

  Perfect Byte, inc modem and software
  michael couch 402-554-1122

 the bristol group appears to have the most extensive software support.
 Perfect Byte is the economy class, gets the job done.

 I have requested the sales/marketing data and am awaiting its arrival.

chuck strickland
Martin Marietta Electronic Systems 407-356-5909 FAX 407-356-5651

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