Mail on a 4/110 under SUN OS 4.1. (Summary)

From: ld kelley x-6857 (
Date: Mon Oct 01 1990 - 15:31:44 CDT

My original question.

I just upgraded a 4/110 from 4.0.3 to 4.1. I have upgraded a number of 3/60's
without problems, so I was surprised to find the the users on that machine
are having problems with Mail (or mail, they both work the same).

It started out with sunview's mailtool aborting with a complaint about not
being able to talk to Mail. Further investigation showed that both the
Mail and mail commands take a long time to start up and exit as soon as
a command is entered. The amount of mail in the mail queue does not seem
to effect the length of time it takes for [Mm]ail to start. I have
reread the read me first's and can find nothing about mail.

----------- Summary ------------

Thanks to David Wiseman, trinkle@cs.purdue, and to John Jorgensen who nailed
it. The problem was that /var/spool/mail needs world write permission.
I suppose giving [Mm]ail sui or setgoup would also work.

Thanks all for quick turn-around.


Larry D. Kelley | ldk@raistlin | x-6857 CN 235-6857

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