Summary: "Waiting for tools to terminate..."

Date: Tue Sep 18 1990 - 07:36:35 CDT

Just yesterday I sent out a request for information concerning the
"Waiting for tools to terminate..." message I would get on my screen
almost every day when exitting from SunView. I also mentioned that
this dumped a core dump. Several people told me I could do a "file
core" to see what program dumped the core file. Although this was
very helpful, the real solution to my problem was described by
Mitch Baltuch:

>From: (Mitch Baltuch)
>It sounds as if you have FrameMaker running on your system. If you have a
>FrameMaker license assigned to you and you exit sunview, Frame has a small fit.
>It fixes itself eventually, but you will hang the license server process for
>about 20 minutes. Make sure that when you exit sunview, you have no Frame
>licenses assigned, and that should solve your problem. Do this by either going
>into the info command and giving of your license, or by exiting Frame prior to
>exiting sunview.

I did have FrameMaker running and I do have a license reserved in my
name. I originally thought it had something to do with upgrading to
SunOS 4.1 but I think I got the reserved license about the same time.
I didn't mean to blame anything on SunOS; I wouldn't want to give it
a bad rep or anything.

Thanks to all who responded. See, now isn't this better than debugging
core dumps.

Debbie Eckel
Naval Surface Warfare Center

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