Summary: zs0 parity errors and system panics

From: Stewart Castaldi (
Date: Mon Sep 17 1990 - 12:52:10 CDT

Here is the only reply I received. I will be happy to forward the patch
that Hal sent me to anyone that needs it. I have not tested the patch
yet but thought that others may need it now.

> it's a bug but i'm not sure there is a real patch available.
> this is a definite bug in 4.1. it has to do with dropping the priority
> to log the zs0: parity error message; while the priority is lowered
> it's possible to get another serial line interrupt that hoses the stream.
> the enclosed zs_async.o is not supported, not really tested (i don't
> have this problem), and may not work, but from what i know of the bug
> i think i've put in the right fix.
> please let me know if this works -- the only trick is that i suppress
> the logging of messages.
> --hal stern
> sun microsystems
> new england region consulting group

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