summary re: stale mounts

From: Tony Santos - Sys/Net Administrator Sun Toronto (
Date: Thu Sep 13 1990 - 09:42:36 CDT

Thanks for all the replies.
The bottom line is that there is no way of avoiding this.
Some mentioned that automounting would avoid this problem, which at this
time is not practical.
It was a messy morning (as expected), but we got through it.
Thanks again for all the responses.


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>From Mon Sep 10 13:14:22 1990
From: Tony Santos - Sys/Net Administrator Sun Toronto <Tony.Santos@Canada.Sun.Com>
Subject: stale mounts

Hi folks,

I have a 4.0.3 software server which exports to a lot of clients. I will be
moving the software to a new disk on the same server which will keep the same
mount point..

Q: Is there some way for the clients mounting this file system to see this
        new disk without having to remount the file system on all the clients
        due to stale file handles.

Thanks for your time.

Tony Santos
Sys/Net Admin.
Sun Canada

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