SUMMARY: Using TFS filesystem

From: William S. Ang (ang@THEORY.LCS.MIT.EDU)
Date: Wed Sep 05 1990 - 10:21:11 CDT

My original post:
  Have anyone use tfs system successfully? I was not able to mount
  a tfs system using mount_tfs. I kept getting the following error.
  May be my entry in inetd is wrong?.....

  mount_tfs: Internal error: Cannot connect to tfsd on peacock: RPC:
  Program not registered

  SunOS 4.1 Sun4/60
  TFS option included in configuration

  tfs stream tcp nowait root /usr/etc/tfsd tfsd

It turns out that my entry in inetd.conf is wrong: The proper entry
should be:

tfsd/1-2 dgram rpc/udp wait root /usr/etc/tfsd tfsd
Dennis Sexton ( has the following 4 step procedures that
might be useful to people trying to use tfs:
From: (Dennis Sexton)
Subject: Re: Using TFS filesystem

HOpe this helps.

dennis sexton
sun micro

The following is the procedure for setting up TFS:

1.) modify the kernal configuration file; the generic kernal
    already has the correct entry:
    cd /usr/kvm/sys/sun4c/conf

    options TFS # translucent filesystem - needed by NSE

2.) modify the /etc/inetd.conf

    tfsd/1-2 dgram rpc/udp wait root /usr/etc/tfsd tfsd

3.) kill the pid for inetd and re-start inetd or reboot

    6016 ? IW 0:05 inetd - example

4.) create mount point and mount the file system
Many have suggested putting the mount_tfs entry in
/etc/rc instead of rc.local becuase mount_tfs depends on tfsd, which in
term depends on on inetd being up and running.

Many thanks to all that responded to my query and for those whose
mails still coming in.

Jay Plett <>
Doug Neuhauser <>
dennis sexton <> (David St. Pierre) (Petri Kutvonen) (Per Hedeland)
Badri Pillai <>
Rob McMahon <>

    William Ang

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