SUMMARY smd problems on 4/370

Date: Fri Aug 31 1990 - 07:46:38 CDT

 In my original posting I explained that I had moved
 some SMD drives from one 4/370 to another 4/370.
 After the move I was unable to access the drives.

 Thanks for all the responses, lots of items to check I
 never knew about.

 But the problem turned out to be a dead drive. The platters
 will spin up, but the heads never extend, thus the drive
 will not report ready.

 Items to check:

 1) that the /dev directories has the entries for the drives

 2) that the command cables for the drives are daisy chained
    and that only the last drive is terminated.

 3) that the ground strap from the cpu cabinet to the SMD
    cabinet is in place.

 4) that the kernal entries are correct for the controller
    being used.

 5) that the shorting plugs on the controller card are correct.

 6) that you use the correct format.dat entry to format the drives.
     Note: if the drives are from sun then they are already formatted.
     Just partition and label the drives.

 thanks for the help;

chuck strickland
Martin Marietta Electronic Systems 407-356-5909 FAX 407-356-5651

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