(Summary) How to change a 3/60 from Thicknet to Thinnet

From: Rich Kulawiec (rsk@debussy.CS.ColoState.Edu)
Date: Mon Aug 13 1990 - 13:33:28 CDT

My original query was:

> We've got one lonesome Sun 3/60 here, for which we're unable to locate
> the manuals. We'd like to move it to thinnet, but we're unable to figure
> out which internal switches (if any) or EEPROM locations (if any) need
> to be modified. We have been able to succesfully migrate all but one
> of our Sun 3/50's by just sliding out the CPU board and flipping all 8
> switches on the DIP switch located a few inches from the rear connector
> panel; but no such switch is evident inside our 3/60 -- in fact, the only
> switch/jumper set I could identify was a set of jumpers which appears to
> associated with the amount of memory in the machine. Has anyone else
> managed to do this, and if so, how?

It turns out that I was close to the correct answer without knowing it. :-)
The jumpers that I mentioned as being associated with the amount of memory
in the machine are -- but there are two more which control the thick/thin
setting and high res monitor setting. The row of 8 jumpers looks like this:

4 Mb 8 Mb 12 Mb 16 Mb 20 Mb 24 Mb EXTXUR HIGHRES

  o o o o o o o o
  | |
  o o o o o o o o

( MEMORY JUMPERS ) (Net) (Monitor)

If the seventh jumper ("EXTXUR") is in place, then the machine is
configured for Thicknet. Otherwise, it's configured for Thinnet.
These jumpers are located (if you've looking at the board with the
external connectors facing you) to the left of center about 10-12
inches back. They're pretty easy to spot, 'cause they're the only
jumpers back there.

I'd like to thank everyone for their help; the response was overwhelming!
A big THANKS to:

leonh%hhb@Princeton.EDU (leon howorth)
mondics@tartan.com (Brian Mondic)
blc@sol.med.ge.com (Brett Chapman)
dal@gcm.com (Dan Lorenzini)
selig@xanth.msfc.nasa.gov (Bill Selig)
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Sandy Napel <snapel@irus.rri.uwo.ca>
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