(Summary) Large Scale System administration tools.

From: Viktor Dukhovni (viktor@dev0135.govt.shearson.com)
Date: Mon Aug 13 1990 - 08:28:07 CDT

        A number of people pointed to the LISA (Large Installation
System Administration) USENIX papers. There have been three workshops to date,
(Another one coming up this October), contact USENIX :

        USENIX Association,
        2560 Ninth Street, Suite 215
        Berkeley, CA, 94710

        The cost is $13 ( +$9 outside US/Canada )

No responses had anything to say about the Athena tools, we hope to have
something useful to say about them later.

        Most responses were of the Please Cc me on anything you find.
I have your names saved, will get back to you when we have something
of substance to report.

        Thanks to all the respondents.

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