(Summary) Two interfaces to the same net on a Sun 4/49

From: Alexander Dupuy (dupuy@hudson.cs.columbia.edu)
Date: Thu Aug 02 1990 - 13:00:05 CDT

So now that you both agree that the second-least significant bit in the first
byte indicates a locally administered ethernet address, could you explain why
the following manufacturers have been assigned address blocks with this
"locally administered" bit set? (I can understand the DECNET logical address,
since it's derived from the DECNET node number, which is locally administered,
but the others escape me).

        Address Block Vendor Uses
        ______________ ______________________ ______________________________

        02-07-01 MICOM/Interlan UNIBUS or QBUS machines, Apollo
        02-04-06 BBN BBN internal (not registered)
        02-60-86 Satelcom MegaPac (Great Britain)
        02-60-8C 3Com IBM PC, Imagen, Valid; Cisco
        02-CF-1F CMC Masscomp, SGI, Prime EXL
        AA-00-00 DEC obsolete
        AA-00-01 DEC obsolete
        AA-00-02 DEC obsolete
        AA-00-03 DEC Physical addr for some machines
        AA-00-04 DEC Logical addr for DECNET systems

        Address Block Vendor Uses
        ______________ ______________ ________________________________

        AB-00-00 DEC MOP
        AB-00-01 DEC
        AB-00-02 DEC
        AB-00-03 DEC LAT Terminal Servers
        AB-00-04 DEC DEC LAVC / Reserved for Customer Use


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