Fortran problem: summary

From: Ralph Finch (
Date: Wed Aug 01 1990 - 04:37:49 CDT

Quick summary:

The problem: Neither Fortran 1.3, nor 1.3.1, worked for us. I
mistakenly thought that 1.2 would not work under SunOS 4.1.

The solution:

1) A patch for 1.3.1 is being prepared and released now. Ask
your sales rep about it.

2) Sun Fortran 1.2 will run under SunOS 4.1. See below for how
to do it.

Long summary:

Fortran 1.3 has at least the following problems:

     1. Fortran1.3 is unable to sense when a disk partition fills
        on a write. This happens when writing both direct and
        sequential formatted files.
        The programs will terminate with the following message:
        close_mmap: ftruncate(): [28] No space left on device
        logical unit 33, named ''
     2. A write to a direct access file may truncate all records
        after the record being written. This happens only if the
        file is opened, then closed and reopened either in the same
        or a separate program.
     3. When the same implied do variables are used to access
        elements in different arrays in the same read or write
        statement, the accessed array element values and the do
        variable values are incorrect. For example, the following
        statement produces incorrect output:
        write(6,2030) ((x(j,k),k=1,10),j=1,3), ((y(k,j),j=1,10),k=1,6)

My info is that a stop shipment was issued against 1.3 back in June.

To correct the above problems, 1.3.1 was prepared. However, when I
ran that, I couldn't write an unformatted (binary) output file. Turns
out 1.3.1 cannot create unformatted file records larger than 8k (16k
if you link with the -Bstatic option).

Sun has just prepared a patch tape for 1.3.1. I have not yet tested

How to run Fortran 1.2 under SunOS 4.1:

The problem apparently occurs not in the running but in the

>From Chris Hook ( [slightly editted]

One solution might be to use Fortran 1.2 under SunOS 4.1. The trick
to the installation is to do an extract_unbundled and let it bomb.
Then go to the directory /tmp/unbundled and in it will be a file
1.2_fortran (or something just like it). In that file there are
a few references to SunOS 4.0. Just change the 4.0's to 4.1's, and
the type install_unbundled, and the installation goes perfectly.
We are heavy fortran users here, and have noticed no problems with
fortran 1.2 being installed this way (note: the machines are all SS1's
or SS1+'s).

This is also explained on p. 98 of the 4.1 Release Manual (thanks to
John Valdes

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