Summary: Kernel problem under 4.1

From: Eddie Brown (
Date: Mon Jul 30 1990 - 13:18:51 CDT

Original message:
I am having problems building kernels under SunOS 4.1. I recieve the
following error message:

        ps: /dev/mem: read error on ktextseg: Bad address
        ps: could not read kernel VM

This occurs on every architecture (sun3/sun4/sun4c) that I have tried
to build a kernel. The sys files have not been modified and this
occurs even when I use the GENERIC kernel. I am using the same
procedure to build the kernel as under 4.0 and as outlined in the Sys.
Admin. Manual (ie config <filename>;cd ../<filename>;make). Obviously,
I am missing something simple but I don't know what. I desperately
need to resolve this problem as quickly as possible. I will summarize
all replies back to the list.

Under SunOS 4.0.x it was common practice for us to build a kernel, say
when we had to add a new driver, and call it /vmunix.test and boot off
that kernel as >b xy()vmunix.test. This worked without a problem. I
was trying to do the same thing under 4.1. This was what was causing
my problem. I checked the 4.0 source to ps and it is hard-wired to
look for its kernel information under /vmunix. Apparently under 4.1,
each vmunix has its kernel information at different locations, while a
4.0.x vmunix has an area which is the same no matter how you build the
kernel. This is all speculation but as long as I make my kernel
/vmunix it works just fine.

Thanks to all who responded:

kensmith@cs.Buffalo.EDU (Ken Smith)
"(Alain Brossard)" <>
<fwp1@CC.MsState.Edu> aka Frank Peters
Kevin N. Carpenter <>

And to Barry and Robert: boes@Corona.ITD.MsState.Edu

Of course I rebooted the machine using the new kernel.
Get a clue dudes!!


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