SUMMARY: tcsh 5.18 crash SunOS4.1 sparcstation 1s

From: William S. Ang (
Date: Thu Jul 26 1990 - 10:54:44 CDT

Here is my original post:

      I just upgraded couple of Sparcstation 1s (4/60 and 4/65) to SunOS 4.1
   and tcsh has been crashing the machine with DATA FAULT. The problem is
   repeatable and existed on all my 4.1 sparcstations so I am sure it
   is a software problem.
      The tcsh is from and the version is 5.18.
   It always happened at two points: when you just login or when you
   just log out. From the saved crash image, it seems like the machine
   wedged at context switching point. I talked to SUN and they claimed
   the problem has been fixed in 4.1.

      So, is there anyone has tcsh 5.18 running on 4.1 sparcstations?
Thank you very much for all the responses. It is just too many to
list each of you.

Majority of the replies said YES, they do have tcsh 5.18 running fine on
SunOS 4.1. It turns out that I can even reproduce the problem on
the standard csh that come with SunOS 4.1. It has something to do with
the way my .login and .logout files were written. It just doesn't
like subshell that well and crashes at context-switching point.

I have a three-line script that will repricate the problem and have tested
on Sun4c/4.0.3 and Sun4c/4.1. The problem only occurs on Sun4c/4.1.

The problem has NOT been fixed yet and it has been reported to SUN. I haven't
received their analysis yet on what happened. I guess there is no patch
available yet....

        William Ang

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