SUMMARY: Installing 4.1c on Maxtor LXT200S's for SUN SLCs

From: Dana Roode (
Date: Sat Jul 21 1990 - 13:41:53 CDT

A while back, I sent this question out:

    Date: Thu, 12 Jul 90 14:11:25 -0700
    From: Dana Roode <>
    I'm trying to install SunOS 4.1c on a Maxtor LXT200S disk drive using
    the standard installation procedure. We have tried both tape and CD
    installs, its starts to work but ends up dying (at different points in
    the process) with "data transmission errors". We've tried two different
    disks with the same results - the same disk work fine under 4.0.3 on a
    (H)As anyone heard of a basic incompatibility with the LXT200S's and 4.1c?

We have since gotten the drive working fine under 4.1c on an SLC, but
we never got the install procedure to work directly. Instead, we
setup 4.1c on a Seagate/CDC Wren VI 94191-702 drive using the SLC,
which worked "by the book", installing from CD. I then cloned the usr
and root partitions from the Wren onto the LXT200s using another SLC
running 4.0.3c. (Cloning = creating the partitions, doing newfs's,
using dump piped to restore over the network). The SLC whose system
disk is the LXT200s has been running ever since, without a hitch.

So, my conclusion: 4.1c works fine on a LXT200s, but there is some odd
incompatibility in the installation procedure, at least for the
combination SLC/4.1c/CD/LXT200s.

Other folks replied that they too had the 200s up, but had used the
remote installation procedure or something similar to what we did.
Daniel B Dobki ( thinks there is a problem
with the bootblock on the tape assumming a Quantum-105. He ran the
procedure on a SS1 and LXT200s and it worked.

Thanks to all that replied,

    Dana Roode
    Office of Academic Computing
    University of California, Irvine

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