SUMMARY - NFS Monitoring

From: Dana Roode (
Date: Fri Jul 20 1990 - 18:44:20 CDT

Better late than never. About a month ago, I sent this query:

    Date: Sat, 23 Jun 90 15:13:34 -0700
    From: Dana Roode <>
    Subject: NFS Monitoring

    The nfsstat command provides overall statistics about NFS server or client
    activity, but I'm interested in server activity sorted by client. Ie,
    given an NFS server, which client is pounding on it right now? Or, over
    a days time, which clients have made how many requests?
    The way Ive done it so far is with etherfind and a c program that sorts
    stuff. Seems pretty crude - am I missing the obvious?

I got a good number of responses with various approaches suggested.
I'll summarize here, but for anyone who wants a complete copy of the
responses I'd be happy to share them - just drop me a note.


Several people reminded me of "traffic", the nice Sunview program that
allows real time monitoring of network traffic. Its great to see
what's going on at any given time, but doesnt do anything toward
collecting statistics over a longer period.

Paul O'Neill ( recommended getting "NNStat" from I have not checked it out, but it seems to do
exactly what I was looking for, among many other things. Ie, collect
statistics (by host) and provide useful reports.

Shin Kurokawa ( told me about nfswatch, which
he left for me for anonymous ftp because he didnt remember the
original source. Joe Pruett (tessi!joey@nosun.West.Sun.COM) later
claimed responsibility for it, I'll probably get a copy and try it
out. According to Joe, "we've hacked up a program called nfswatch to
do kinda what etherfind does, but understands the nfs protocol better.
It can be told all the export points and a list of inode/file pairs
and it will display those names instead of just dumping out numbers".

Peter Galvin ( says there is a program called
"netview" from some firm in New Hampshire.

Scott Todd (microcase!gilligan!scottt@nosun.West.Sun.COM) says has programs called etherck and netck they will give away
for free, and he mailed me a program called "nfss.c" that does
nfsstat type statistics over time.

Tim Priddy ( collects nfsstat data and
filters it through awk. He says that Aim Technology (800)848-UNIX,
(408)748-UNIX, has a product "Network File Manager
tool" (doenst sound cheap).

Neeraj Sangal (matrix!neeraj@uunet.UU.NET) says Matrix sells a program
called EtherView which will do what I want and then some. This sounds
like the program Peter Galvin mentioned.


That's it,

         Dana Roode
         UC Irvine Office of Academic Computing Bitnet: DRoode@UCI

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