SUMMARY: sendmail using MX records not working

From: Mark Baranowski (
Date: Thu Jul 19 1990 - 13:10:23 CDT

Thanks to all of you who responded. The winning response came from
david@srv.PacBell.COM (David St. Pierre) who gave me the simplest (and
therefore the best :-) solution. Here is the body of his message:


I had a similar problem. I personally believe that there's a problem in
the Essentially the hostname passed to the ddn mailer should
be terminated in a "." Maybe I approached it wrong but it definitely
wasn't working and now is.

Here are the approximate diffs:

< #R$*<@$*.$+>$* $#ddn $@ $2.$3 $:$1<@$2.$3>$4 user@any.domain

> R$*<@$*.$+>$*         $#ddn $@ $2.$3. $:$1<@$2.$3>$4  user@any.domain


Thanks again to all who responded.

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