Summary - silo overflow

From: Angie Jacobs (
Date: Tue Jul 17 1990 - 15:33:28 CDT

This is a summary of all of the answers I received about my "silo
overflow" message. Thanks to all who responded -- the list is too
long to mention everyone, but you all know who you are.

Little did I know when I posted my 2 questions that they are very
likely related! Basically, a silo overflow message occurs when a
serial port is generating more input than it can handle. It happens
when input occurs and no process is reading it from the queue.

The message "REPEATED LOGIN FAILURES on ttyd0 ..." seemed to be
generated as a result of improper configuration of the modem. As
these messages were appearing every few minutes on the console, it
apparently caused the overflow described above.

The changes I made were setting the parameter with eeprom
and turning echo off at the modem.

I *think* the problem has been resolved. There have been no more
messages in the past few hours since I made the change. I have
included the original message for those that may benefit from it.

Thanks again!
Angie Jacobs

>I was not here this morning when our Sparcstation 1 crashed, but the
>message "Data panic silo overflow" was on the console when someone
>rebooted the system. I have never heard of silo overflow and
>wondered if anyone had a clue.


>One more question - we get the following message on the console *ALOT*:
>The system messages file has 8 pages of just this message. It does
>not seem to be related to someone actually calling in. I have sat at
>the console for hours and never hear the phone ring, but see this message
>many, many times. It also happens when someone actually has the modem
>line tied up.

>I guess it is just more annoying than anything, but I would appreciate
>any insight on how to make it go away.

>Thanks for any help.

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