Summary of responses to telnet hanging problem

From: Glenn F. Leavell (
Date: Fri Jul 13 1990 - 09:53:15 CDT

Thanks to the many who responeded to my question concerning incoming telnet
hangs. Those who responded include Mike Ames, Mark Erikson, Peter Galvin,
Alexander Lopez, Craig Manning, and Tim Smith.

It seems that this is a known bug in 4.0.1 and 4.0.3 (1024879), but it
has been fixed in 4.1. Becuase the topic has been discussed on Sun-Nets
before, I will include only a very brief summary.

Incomming telnets will hang after connecting whenever inetd is started from
the shell. For telnet to work correctly, inetd must be started by init
from /etc/rc (normal case). Once in awhile, you may want to start inetd
from the shell, so the solution is to either use a alternate version of
telnetd, switch to 4.1, or use this work aroud:

        rename /usr/etc/in.telnetd to in.telnetd.real
        substitute the following script for in.telnetd:

           # This hack is a workaround for bug 1024879. in.telnetd.real is the
            # the in.telnetd shipped with the system.
              trap '' 21 22
        exec /usr/etc/in.telnetd.real "$@"

Again, thanks to all who responded.

Glenn F. Leavell
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