SUMMARY: inetd problem

Date: Tue Jul 03 1990 - 17:26:05 CDT

This is the summary of reponses about my inetd problem. Inetd died after
startup, from both /etc/rc and from the command line.

Responses suggested three things:
 1) Check inetd.conf and /etc/services for blank lines.
 2) Make sure portmapper is alive. If it's dead, then "wierd" things happen
        and said wierd things do not appear causally related.
 3) Check the number of lines in /etc/inetd.conf. Older versions of inetd
        had a limit of 26 lines.

Most suggested using the trace command to see where inetd was dying.

The winner was #1; turns out that I left a blank line in /etc/inetd.conf after
commenting out the rwall service last week. sigh.

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begin responses:
Subject: Re: inetd wierdness

Look for a corrupted /etc/inetd.conf or /etc/services file. If one
of these (forget which) has corruption, or a blank line (not sure if
this is the cause, but some anomalous condition like this), or ???
then `inetd' will silently terminate without so much as a whimper.

Your best bet is to run `trace -o /tmp/inetd.trace inetd' and after inetd
daemonizes itself, look and see if it is still running. If not, then view
the /tmp/inetd.trace file and see where it is dying.

Subject: Re: inetd wierdness

Is portmap running ? If portmapper is not running very strange things
happen. YP breaks, NFS dies, and all kind of network wierdness results.

From: wuthel!
How many lines in your config file? In some version of inetd it dies
at > 26 lines.

And a useful hint:
it might be your inetd.conf that is bad, use a default one from /usr/etc/install
/proto/etc/inetd.conf and see if you can run it. If it does run then make
a comparison between the two files.

Thanks to all for responding.


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