summary installation problems

From: fabrice cuq (
Date: Thu Jun 28 1990 - 22:09:11 CDT

Well, I did it!

The first problem I had was my "mediahost" was standalone. So I used add_services to put the sun4c on it: at first the drive wouldn't read the tapes but after
a night of rest it eventually did it .
Then I used add_client: if your machines are on a subnet you have to edit manual
ly the following files and put the name of the mediahost known by the subnet(
in my case yosemite is on the main net and his alter-ego is yosemite-atmos2 for
the subnet):
then you follow the manual and it should work...
I got two suggestions from Walter Rowe( and Scott Dickson
( which are worth considering : it didn't work for me on the
two machines I tried. May be you need a "clean" swap partition. here it is:
installhost# rsh mediahost dd=if/dev/rst8 bs=200b > /usr/local/miniroot
>b -sw
installhost#dd if=/usr/local/miniroot bs=63k of=/dev/rsd0b
>b -asw
and then you follow the manual.

-Fortran problem: as some of you suggested edit the installation script and put
4.1 in OS compatiblity level(or something like this)Note that the script is
looking for the OS level in the kernel NOT motd.

-ALM-2 problem: from Ken Rossman(
" matter how I set flags in the kernel, and no matter how I set things in
/etc/ttytab, the ALM ports wanted to ALWAYS do modem control. A terminal
connected to an ALM port using "minimal wiring"(pins 2,3,7 and may 20) probably
won't work....I 'hotwired' the ALM side of my local terminal cables so that
pins 6,8 and 20 were all wired together(to fake out the presence of a modem)..."
This is certainly true for the first 4 ports on the ALM(one of my terminal
on ttyh0 doesn't work anymore)but the other ports are OK (Ihave one PC connected
to ttyhe that works allright).

-zs1 parity error messages at boot time are annoying but harmless and they
show even if zs1 is not part of your kernel(Bug?).

-eeprom doesn't work on the sun4/370. It will always return: checksum error
even if you use eeprom -c , so you can't change any field.
How can I change the bootdev param?

Thanks for your help and a special thanks to Greg Earle who helped me to go
through these problems.
PS:I am seriously considering buying a CD-ROM player or an external tape-drive
to ease my pain next time...

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