Summary: Sun OS 4.1 SPARC 1+ client.

From: Paul Gill (
Date: Tue Jun 19 1990 - 20:28:55 CDT

The question:
[Stuff deleted...]...But I am still getting the same error message when trying
to boot the client:
        Booting from: le(0,0,0)vmunix
        Got error packet: Error Code 1 Message: File not foundreceive failed
        Boot load failed
        Type b (boot), c (continue),...
Any idea?

The answer is:
rebooting the server solved the problem... Some daemon process need to
be restarted [rpc.bootparamd ???]

Thanks to:
Greg Earle - Sun JPL on-site Software Support <>
- Did you reboot the server before attempting to boot the client?

Other suggestions:
Check server /etc/{exports,bootparams,hosts,ethers} /tftpboot/LINKS
Check if another server is not answering the rarp and/or the tftp request.
Check if tftp is disabled.

Thanks to:
Stan Barber <>
Michael Wagner <>
Randy Holt <>
Daniel R. Ehrlich <>
Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child} <>
Bob Cunningham <>
john richardson <>
Guy Harris <auspex!>
Sam Horrocks <>

Repeat 1000 thanks, to all of you. This list is great.
Paul Gill

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